The adventures of the Stormcrows, Lohr, Ria Cragsteel, & Bruegon Forgehammer.

So far they have:
- Navigated a maze and fought mirror clones of themselves to retrieve two powerful artifacts.
- Rescued a princess from her own castle and captured three dangerous adversaries.
- Went on a boat ride, got trapped in a painting and freed the most infamous pirate to ever sail.
- Caused the extinction of an ancient race to cure several dangerously sick people.
- Solved a string of missing persons cases.
- Kidnapped the children of a cruel arl.
- Broke each other’s hearts through betrayal and accepting a dark deal with an ancient evil.

Ria, Lohr and Bruegon traveled together for years. They had made a name for themselves as the Stormcrows. A fairly honorable, if unpredictable group. But when Illyira, a great being of fire only whispered of, offered power and glory in exchange for service, Ria and Lohr accepted. The party splintered. Lohr and Ria were now on the opposite side of a war they were trying to prevent.
Though their paths may not cross again, their actions are felt through out the lands by all.

Fires of Illyria

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