Ria Cragsteel, Knight of Illyria

Strong, Simple, and above all... Athletic!


Ria Cragsteel of Ridgefang hails from the Wilds. From a very young age, Ria only cared about protecting clan Ridgefang, telling her mom that she’ll be the mightiest warrior in all of Ridgefang. What became a regiment for many Ridgefang warriors became young Cragsteel’s second nature. Squats, climbing, long jumping and swimming became her hobbies. While Ria’s training honed and toned her body, it dulled her intellect. Ria passed her trials, setting new records for both clan Ridgefang and for the Cragsteel blood. When it came to field tactics, Ria scored poorly. She is without a doubt a great warrior, but she has made a poor soldier. Ria didn’t mind. Ridgefang had a new vanguard against the Goblin tide, and the green wave would be cleaved by the red haired bulwark. Tunnels and crevices would be closed, by the might of Ria’s troop. Meat and festivities (her favorite things in life) were always in supply, the defenses were a success, Ridgefang was safe, Ria was happy.

The times would not last.

There was an incident with the troop. Ria being the focal point. The leaders of the clan would come together and discuss the issue. After several hours of deliberation, it was decided that Ria would be exiled from Ridgefang, the only punishment that would truly mean something to Ria.

Her pride in her country would not be so easily let go of however, even though she is now an outcast of Ridgefang, she would take up odd jobs and enter competitions to send mercenaries to help out against the attack. It is unknown if Ridgefang has accepted any of the mercenaries to aid them.

The exile of Ridgefang has made friends now, and has adopted a child (Who was orphaned…by Ria and her compatriots hands…). Even with all the adventures she has had, and the tavern which currently houses her, her heart still resides in Ridgefang.

The outside world has been challenging. It’s a lot different from the simple life she lived before. A lot more rules, very different social standings, hardly any boars to kill and eat. But at the same time, the land of Sarulia has been a welcoming challenge. She’s fought and slain a variety of things she’s never seen in Ridgefang, and if she’s ever welcomed back, she’ll have many stories to tell.

Ria isn’t in the best of conditions as of now. She’s defeated and heartbroken. There’s only a few people she can rely on (Lohr, Bruegon, and Revka.), and many more have shaken Ria’s trust. The world is a big and scary place for Ria right now, but she’ll keep pushing on, for Ridgefang.

Ria Cragsteel, Knight of Illyria

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