Fabled Centaurian Hero


A gentle hearted centaur, Solason was a knight of the Last True King of the Centaurs. Solason was a veteran of the Red Leaf War by the time her troops met Falon’s during the Battle of Fall Creek. Both sides sustained grievous injuries and when it became clear that no winner would emerge, she called for a cease fire, to tend to the wounded. Falon agreed to temporarily halt the battle; though the battle never did resume at the Creek.

Solason would eventually be contacted by Falon over a year later. Falon wanted the war to end, and both sides were locked in a fierce and bloody stalemate. Solason met with Falon, and they came to form Fall Creek Company.

When calamity struck and the now-Kirkry planes burned with war as Illyria rose, Solason tried to advise her king of the best course of action. Not heeding her advise, the Centaur King led his knights to war. What happened left the King dead and the centaurs on the verge of destruction. The only knights to survive the battle did so due to Solason’s decisiveness and bravery.

With the land now in danger of being swallowed by evil and corruption, Solason, along with the elven ranger Falon, were able to unite the elves and remaining centaurs in an alliance that grew to include the people of every nation, that saved not only their people, but all the people of Sarulia, even though they both had to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Though Solason never returned from the final confrontation with Illyria, her greatsword, Starcleaver, was entombed alongside Falon’s bow by the few remaining members of Fall Creek Company.


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